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i don’t care if you think it’s “improper first date attire” this suit of armor is enchanted and i’m wearing it

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Free! x Pokemon (Click the images for larger size).

Story of Rei and Eevee 

Rei thought Eevee is beautiful and perfect pokemon. (not sure what’s his standard) Eevee also knew that he loves his ‘beauty’. However, when Rei started to swimming, both of them couldn’t swim at all. Eevee wanted to evolve to Vaporeon to help him with swimming and Rei appreciated of his kindness. In the end, Eevee evolved to Vaporeon and help him with swimming. 

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Why don’t more people know about the Hercules parody of the SnK OP it’s fantastic

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Can change shirt colors / type for any design if you’d rather it on another color <3)


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resource for folks thinking about admitting themselves to a psych ward, or who think they might end up being admitted against their will:

- places do vary a lot! research is great, if you can

- housing is often binary-gender-segregated based on the marker on your id or what they think you look like. some do let you choose where you’d feel safer. some put you with other trans / non-binary / gender non-conforming / queer folks, with or without asking you. definitely be aware of outing problems and of misgendering problems

- usually the lights are on all night, pretty bright (maybe a smidge dimmer)

- there is a lot of pressure to take meds. especially if they leave the lights on at night, they’ll want to give you something for sleep. whether they can legally force-medicate you depends on where you are and if you’re considered dangerous? really really useful to know your rights here

- often there’s not much privacy; bathrooms may not have doors, shower curtains; you may have a staff member assigned to constantly watch you, especially if they consider you a suicide or self-harm risk

- you may be required to attend support groups or they may be optional, and you’ll probably be required to meet with a psychiatrist for diagnosis/med management and perhaps with a therapist for individual therapy. however it’s very hard to get more one-one-one time than is scheduled for you

- you can usually bring books (no erotica), highlighters (no pens/pencils), maybe some clothes though they have hospital gowns and footie socks (no shoelaces, no hoodies with drawstrings). no pillows/stuffed animals, could be smuggling something in. no electronics

- they may have call phones, with time limits and long lines; and they may have visiting hours. you specify who gets to know you’re there, who gets to visit, etc.

- dietary restriction #food options, not always a thing, especially for vegan or gluten-free but also for vegetarian, halaal, kosher. i don’t think they let you bring any food in usually

- you may not be admitted because you’re not deemed at-risk, so backup plans are good. your area may have a minimum 72-hour or other time limit hold, so once admitted you cannot leave before then. you may be held for longer, with or without your consent, and you might not be granted a longer stay if you request it

- there’s often problems with getting meds released when you leave, even if the time you’re leaving is planned, because of delays and regulations about who can release meds and off-hours. so while you should bring any meds you’re on when you go, it might be wise to leave a reserve at home in case they get locked up

- there may be requirements about someone picking you up upon discharge; you might not be allowed to leave by yourself

above all keep yourself safe and make the decision that makes the most sense for you! psych wards can be places of healing or of trauma. making an informed decision and having an idea of what to expect can go a long way. if the decision has been taken away from you, i’m so sorry, and i hope this helps brace you. please try to take care as best you can!

[please feel free to add to this! this is based on my own experience supporting a few friends and partners through voluntary 5150 in california. i have not been 5150’d myself, only visited.]

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i want this on a t-shirt

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After Elizabeth opens the wrong tear, Booker must defeat Comstock- on the field

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you need a referral from your doctor for neyropsychological testing. only then can you find a neuropsychologist. ones working at hospitals, esp. teaching hospitals, tend to take more forms of insurance.

would it be better to ask my general practitioner, or my neurologist (whom i’m seeing for my dysautonomia)?

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call your doctor to find local professionals who can help you and probably get a referral if your insurance requires it.

ah yeah that makes sense, i was kind of thinking something like that but i couldn’t put it into an actual plan of what to do. thank you very much!

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so if i want to look for a proper diagnosis for autism/adhd/spd how would i go about doing that? do i talk to my regular doctor about it? do i find a neuropsychologist and get neuropsychological testing?

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