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In which a queer disabled girl reblogs a lot and occasionally provides her own creations and commentary. Expect fandom (Welcome to Night Vale, Attack on Titan, Supernatural, etc.), social justice, gifs, and random amusing things. Also the occasional art or writing.


unless your teachers are abusive assholes there is no fucking reason to disrespect them

they are literally trying their hardest to get you an education

teachers have every right to complain about rude students or the amount of papers they have to grade because their salary is low as shit

oh wow, your math teacher yelled at you because you were ignoring the lesson and talking to your friend

i wonder why

jesus christ teachers have it hard enough dont be an asshole

idk i’ve had quite a teachers that aren’t “abusive assholes” but still don’t deserve respect

like not that i would be disrespectful to their face but yeah i’m gonna fucking complain when my teachers ignore accessibility and/or tell me “you don’t need [accessibility accomodation]” and “well i think you could’ve done [this thing i can’t do because of my disability”

or when the teacher babies the boys while being overcritical of the girls, or when they act like their class is the only class that should be of importance, or “decides” not to trigger warn because that’s part of the “experience”, or doesn’t allow gender neutral language because they “don’t like the look of it”

of course these experiences come from university professors so maybe the context is different. but you can be a shitty teacher without being an “abusive asshole” and acting like only we can only complain about outright abusive behavior and if they’re not being complete assholes they still deserve our respect? is not the way to go.

defend teachers without excusing everybody with a broad brush. defend teachers without throwing disabled students (who constantly, constantly are denied accessibility by “nice” and “polite” teachers) under the bus. defend teachers without falling into the trap of “nice” means “good”.

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Talk - Text to Voice FREE is a text-only AAC app for Android devices, there is a paid/ad-free version here for $2.80 USD

+ Adjustable pitch and speed
+ Adjustable text size
+ Options to change language and TTS engine (availability depends on what languages and engines your device has downloaded)
+ Can read web pages by importing them
+ Export as audio file (.WAV)
+ Pause/play/stop buttons
+ Progress bar
+ Keep screen on

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me watching neon genesis evangelion

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winter soldier au with topher as captain america and aki as everyone else

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Pacific Rim AU where everything is the same except it’s a musical.

Raliegh has a song about how great Mako is. It has five reprisals.

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Things SJWs claim are ableist:

-no, really, they think fighting ableism is done by yelling at people who use the word stupid

Things that are actually ableist:

-the fact that it’s legal to build public spaces without any consideration for accessibility
-the fact that disabilities are treated as something shameful
-the fact that if you don’t fit into a preconceived notion of what disability should look like, you’re accused of faking
-the fact that disabled people are often raped, abused, or even murdered, usually by caretakers who won’t even face much punishment
-the fact that disabled people are encouraged to not have children, and are sometimes even sterilized against their will
-the fact even when there are accessibility accommodations, there usually are not enough and they are usually not up to standards
-the fact that the one elevator in a building can break down, stranding three disabled people on the top floor, and the people in charge saying it’s not their problem
-the fact that buildings with multiple floors are not legally required to have accessible alternatives for disabled people to use in case of an emergency
-the fact that able-bodied/neurotypical people can complain about accommodations not catering to them and be taken seriously, whereas disabled people who ask for accommodations are ignored

I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point.

-Tenaya 7

it’s easy to win an argument when you get to dictate what your opponents apparently think! fun fact: people can care about more than one thing at a time. most of the people who believe in the fact that words shape social consciousness and there are, in fact, ableist words and ways to talk about disabled people, are also aware of all the above things and fighting against them!

in fact, most of the people labeled as ~SJWs~ in these contexts are disabled people talking about their experiences and issues pertinent to the disabled community. but you know they must just be SJWs who don’t really know what ableism is.

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Anyone who is against accommodations for disabilities should be prohibited from using anything that some people don’t need.

This includes calculators, because some people can do math in their head.

This includes alarm clocks, because some people can wake up at a set time without them.

This includes clocks, because some people can tell time by the position of the sun.

This includes instruction manuals, because some people already know how to use it.

This includes stairs, because some people can climb a rope to the next floor.

If you’re against accommodations, you shouldn’t use any accommodations either, even if your accommodations are commonly used and are for something that it’s socially acceptable to be unable to do.

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The idea that disabled people are “only disabled by society” makes me incredibly uncomfortable.

Like, I understand the meaning behind it - I really do. I’m not even disputing that yes, in many ways we are disabled by society.

But seriously, don’t try and tell me I’m not disabled by my illnesses as well, because trust me, I definitely am.

i think the concept behind that does not mean to erase the impact illness has. rather, it makes a distinction between illness and disability—the illness is what causes you pain, but the disability comes in how society does not accommodate for your needs. even in a perfect society you would still be ill, but you wouldn’t be disabled, because you’d still be able to function as expected in society. does that make sense?

(coming from another spoonie as well, btw, so please don’t think i don’t understand where you’re coming from! it’s something i personally dislike about a lot of dialogue surrounding disability in that it does ignore that some people would still be sick even if they weren’t disabled and there is a distinction there. but i don’t think the social model of disability is intrinsically tied to that.)

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You can see the exact moment where it goes


And then it falls in.

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"passing privilege" more like "as an out bi woman who has never dated a man, fuck you"

but sushi, you can totally pass as a lesbian!

i’m not allowed to claim that word, remember? ~asexuals can’t be lesbians~

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